Phillips DiPisa Announces Seventh Schwartz Video Interview

Phillips DiPisa, a retained executive search firm serving healthcare providers, managed care organizations, and life sciences firms, today announced that it has produced the fourth in a series of video interviews that demonstrate the power of compassionate caregiving and the programs run by The Kenneth B. Schwartz Center.

The Kenneth B. Schwartz Center is a non-profit organization that supports and advances the concept of “compassionate healthcare.”  The Center strives to improve relationships among caregivers, patients, and their families in ways that provide hope to the patient, support to caregivers, and sustenance to the healing process.

Phillips DiPisa has already produced and directed three short video interviews featuring patients telling the story of their relationships with their caregivers.  These interviews bring to life the stories of patients whose lives have been touched by caregivers who have embraced the Center’s concept of compassionate care.

Barbie Clark had just given birth to her first child, and quit her job to stay home with her baby. “I thought the whole world was perfect…I had gotten to just the place I wanted to be in life.” But Barbie’s new life took a sobering turn when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.

Barbie sought treatment at the Bethke Cancer Center at Emerson Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts.  This video depicts the very special bonds she forged with two of the Center’s doctors over the course of her care, Drs. Jon DuBois and Robin Schoenthaler.

Barbie’s treatment eventually proved successful.  Even before Barbie completed her treatment, her thoughts turned to having a second child.  Robin knew that her chemotherapy could have caused infertility, and she also understood that the elevated hormone levels of pregnancy would put her at risk for a recurrence of her cancer.  Her relationships with Drs. DuBois and Schoenthaler were instrumental in helping Barbie through both the clinical and emotional aspects of her decision to have her second daughter, Jillian.

This video was produced and edited by Phillips DiPisa of Hingham, Massachusetts.  It is available on Phillips DiPisa’s Website, at

“I’m so delighted with Phillips DiPisa’s continuing support on this important project,” stated Julie Rosen, Executive Director of the Center.  “These videos are such a vivid means to introduce the opportunity of compassionate healthcare, and the role of the Schwartz Center.”

The Center and Phillips DiPisa share the goal of producing several videos a year and publishing them on the Schwartz Center’s Website, as well as other online channels.

About Phillips DiPisa

Phillips DiPisa recruits leaders for healthcare providers, managed care organizations, and life sciences firms.  The firm’s roots are in Greater Boston – a historical center of medical innovation and excellence.  Phillips DiPisa serves clients along the East Coast and throughout the Midwest, and draws on a national pool of candidates.