Phillips DiPisa Releases Latest White Paper – Five Flawed Reasons for Not Hiring Older Executives

Phillips DiPisa,, a retained executive search firm serving healthcare providers and managed care organizations, announced the release of its latest article:

Coming of Age:
Five Flawed Reasons for Not Hiring Older Executives

It is available on the firm’s Website.

Phillips DiPisa has guided thousands of executive candidates through the search process.  Much of the advice the firm’s professionals have shared along the way turns out to be counter intuitive—as received by senior executives who don’t often find themselves on the selling side of the job search equation.

When a promising candidate is passed over late in the process, it’s generally not because of the candidate’s skills or experience.  Rather, it’s usually because of simple mistakes that were easily avoided.

Ralph DiPisa, a principal of the firm, wrote the piece.  He notes “The job search process is a ‘sudden death’ competition.  You need to win every round, and there are few second chances.”  In his piece he shares five points is firm often makes with top candidates as they begin the interview process.

About Phillips DiPisa

Other firms just connect you to great leaders. Phillips DiPisa takes the lead recruiting the best of the best for your executive team.  We serve healthcare providers and managed care organizations along the East Coast and throughout the Midwest, drawing on a national pool of candidates.