Our team includes former healthcare executives and managers unmatched in industry expertise and experience. We are focused 100% on executive search and consulting for our healthcare and life sciences clients.

Picture of Claire E. Connolly

Claire E. Connolly

As healthcare systems expand to encompass the entire continuum of care, seasoned management recruitment veterans like Claire Connolly, with more than 25 years of experience throughout the spectrum of care, become even more valuable. Throughout her career, Claire has enjoyed success in recruiting various healthcare professionals but has gained a strong reputation for the niche...

Picture of Michael J. Corey

Michael J. Corey

Partner Chicago

Mike Corey brings more than 20 years of senior-level executive search experience in community healthcare systems, academic medical centers, medical group management, associations, and leadership for not-for-profit organizations. As a former hospital COO, Mike draws from his extensive knowledge of the healthcare industry to serve clients as a trusted advisor. With expertise in academic, community,...

Picture of Ralph DiPisa

Ralph DiPisa

Partner Boston

Ralph DiPisa draws on 20 years of management, leadership and business development experience in his service to clients as a trusted advisor and partner. As a former hospital CEO, Ralph offers valuable perspective to Phillips DiPisa clients. He understands what boards expect of their CEOs, what CEOs expect of their senior management team and what...

Picture of Todd W. Drometer

Todd W. Drometer

Partner Boston

Todd Drometer’s background combines strong experience in healthcare executive search with distinguished work in healthcare consulting. Joining Phillips DiPisa in 2013, Todd has extensive experience conducting senior-level searches for the array of health-related entities, from academic medical centers, to community hospitals, to hospital systems, to medical groups and payors. In addition to a deep knowledge...

Picture of Nicole Gakidis

Nicole Gakidis

Nicole Gakidis is an executive search consultant with a successful track record of identifying and selecting highly qualified candidates for healthcare, human services, education, social justice, and arts and cultural nonprofits. She specializes in leadership positions in non-profit management, philanthropy, advancement, marketing, and business development. As a former Corporate Communications executive, Nicole offers her clients...

Picture of Michele D. Hoyt

Michele D. Hoyt

Michele Hoyt has more than 30 years of senior-level executive search experience and 15 years of expertise in leadership recruitment for healthcare systems, academic medical centers, community hospitals, not-for-profit healthcare organizations, and physician practices. As a highly accomplished corporate and HR leader with extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector, Michele offers her clients invaluable insight...

Picture of Ira J. Isaacson, MD, MBA

Ira J. Isaacson, MD, MBA

Partner Atlanta

Dr. Ira Isaacson’s executive search and leadership consulting experience spans 17 years and focuses on the recruitment of physicians and/or scientists who serve as senior leaders in academic healthcare, research institutions, and the biopharmaceutical industry. Ira’s unique niche in the identification, recruitment, and development of both current and future physician/scientific leaders has allowed him to...

Picture of Tricia Lafond

Tricia Lafond

Tricia Lafond advises a diverse group of clients as they adopt new payment and care delivery systems around Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and population health metrics. With more than 15 years of healthcare sector and executive search experience, Tricia works closely with all types of hospitals and health systems, including academic medical centers, medical groups,...

Picture of Kathleen Lennon

Kathleen Lennon

Kathleen Lennon has more than 30 years of leadership expertise with 10 years in executive search. She has conducted CEO, COO, CIO, CMIO, CFO, CHRO, and Physician searches for leading hospitals, healthcare systems, academic medical centers and universities, not-for-profit healthcare organizations, physician practices, payors and other healthcare-related associations, and specialty organizations. Kathleen also brings 25...

Picture of Katie Mazzuckelli

Katie Mazzuckelli

Katie Mazzuckelli has helped place professionals in a wide array of healthcare positions during her career in the executive search field. Calling on her early-career experience in the healthcare information technology arena, Katie has built an impressive roster of successful IT-related searches, ensuring that entities relying on comprehensive data-driven health metrics have capable CIOs and...